Foodventure: Honey Roasted Pork at JMurph’s House.

Last evening, I was invited over to my friend Jen’s house for dinner. She created a gorgeous meal for 3 and was a fab hostess. It’s been my intention to blog Foodventures that are more than just meals cooked by moi. So i figured that this would be a perfect opportunity to start blogging about fun food stories. The evening was filled with laughter and after the meal we ended up playing a couple of games of scrabble that quickly turned into a messy but hilarious game of drabble.

**click on the picture for a more info about what we ate!

Saturday night i am going to my first ever Vegan potluck. I’m really excited to get creative and make something totally fun and tasty. You can read all about it on Sunday. If you are interested in receiving the recipes for the stuff i noshed on last night or to learn the rules to drabble email me at

Eat well

Be Happy

Laugh loudly

xo Lisa

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