Mexican Foodventure #1: Corn on a Stick!

I just spent an unforgettable week in Mexico City. I was staying with some dear friends of mine and since they  are locals,  I had the opportunity to see, try and do things that a tourist wouldn’t necessarily have the chance to do in another circumstance.

Along with all the sights and debauchery, it was my mission to eat as much of the local fare as possible. I will admit that it was a hilarious week of good, spicy and downright nasty! On every street corner you see a vendor of some sort and quite often you see people grilling corn. This past summer in Veracruz, I witnessed a disgusted attempt at corn in a cup: (which is the same as corn on a stick…but in a cup!) and was a bit weary but figured i might as well try it for myself…

**click on the picture for a step by step of Corn on a Stick!

In the end, I never finished my corn on a stick. I will admit that the concept is cool and I would order it again BUT without the Queso Blanco, as a cheese lover I was appalled….I mean, don’t call this stuff cheese…It’s more like dehydrated rotten feta. Okay, i know i sound harsh but i take my cheese very seriously. I wish that i could order corn on a stick in Toronto; what a perfect snack on a summer day.

Speaking of summer….i hope everyone is staying warm.; It was quite a shocker getting off the plane last night. But I have the perfect remedy and will post it for y’all this weekend.

Eat well

Be Happy

Laugh loudly

xo Lisa


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2 responses to “Mexican Foodventure #1: Corn on a Stick!”

  1. cherfano says :

    Lisa, You should try coming over to little India on Gerrard Street East at Coxwell and try their BBQ corn. Not on a stick but they coat with lime and cayenne pepper and serve. Yummy indeed…love the posts and passion for food.

  2. allan says :

    hello i am going on the road with corn dipped in butter to powwows mainly and other venues like doing a charity for our local church to start. this would be the dry run and then i seen this recipe using mayo,aged cheese,lime juice salt ,ground dried chile or whatever not too hot as we in nor ontario have different taste as not so hot, any ideas would help and what you think , i think will be a great hit. thank you

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