Hail Caesar!

Brunch Potluck idea: Caesars…

This morning, I crashed a brunch potluck at the artscape lofts in the west end. The spirit of the afternoon was incredible and I had the chance to meet some cool people.

Brunch Potluck???? I was stumped about what to bring (breakfast is not my forte): and then VOILA vodka saves the day…again.

Seriously though the Caesar is a Classic Canadian Cocktail and the perfect addition to brunch. I mean who doesn’t love the caesar? Well lot’s of people…you either love it or hate it.

Traditionally the drink is garnished with a lime wedge and a celery stick BUT this being a Foodventure I decided to get creative and make a few different types of garnishes.

I made 3 combo’s:

  • Spicy shrimp, Jalepeno, Celery
  • Grape tomato, Baby Spinach, Chorizo Sausage
  • Pickled Pearl Onion, Beet, Cucumber

***click on the picture for a closer look!


How to make a Caesar! ( people love to make variations of this cocktail ***including myself*** but this is a classic caesar recipe)

  1. Take your cocktail tumbler and dip it in lemon juice.
  2. Take you celery salt and rim your glass with the salt (the lemon juice will make the salt stick to the rim of the glass)
  3. Add ice with a spoon
  4. Add 1.5 oz of Vodka
  5. Add 1 dash of Tabasco
  6. Add 2 dashes of Worcestershire sauce
  7. Add Clamato Juice
  8. Garnish with Celery Stick and Lime Wedge
  9. DRINK!

Some cool additions/variations:

  • You can never have too much Worcestershire sauce.
  • Add a dash of lemon juice to the drink
  • Add some salt and pepper
  • Add some freshly grated horseradish or wasabi.
  • My sister loves to add pickle juice (weird) but a pickle is a delicious garnish for the caesar.
  • A spicy bean is my favorite garnish.

It’s okay to drink in the morning if it’s a caesar but just remember to daytime pour and not nighttime pour! Try one tomorrow morning. Speaking of tomorrow, I am doing another brunch like activity but this time it’s mimosa’s and oysters. Oh and if you can think of something that rhymes with mimosa other than samosa email me at foodventuresandotherstories@gmail.com.

Eat well

Be Happy

Laugh loudly

xo Lisa


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