Hot Spot: Nook

Every day on my way to the gym I walk by a little cafe called Nook. Yesterday on my way home,  I finally decided to check it out. Although it was 2:30pm in the afternoon, it was still packed which I took as a good sign. The service was prompt and friendly. My order took less than 5 minutes to come up (a spicy chicken panini and 2 side salads.) The prices are reasonable (less than $10.00 for an entree) and the food was 4/5 on the Humbah Scale. Next time you are in the King West area pop in and try it out for yourself!

Lunch Hot Spot: Nook

I wish that I had photos of the food. This new foodventure wasn’t  thought out properly…But don’t worry my next Hot Spot post will come with more photographs.

As always: Thank you for reading.



P.S. and the Spicy Chicken Panini was very very spicy! Loveit!

Nook is located at 469 King Street West!


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One response to “Hot Spot: Nook”

  1. Carrie says :

    I’ve always wanted to try that spot! Thanks for posting, perhaps I’ll have to stop by this weekend =)

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