Lime and Black Pepper BBQ’ed Corn

Sunday in Toronto….33 degree’s! What better way to enjoy the heat than to have a sizzling summer soiree with friends.

I’m prepping a whole BBQ menu but the Lime and Black Pepper BBQed Corn is going to be the dish that everyone is going to want to make themselves! It’s so easy and it’s a really delicious and unique way to serve your grilled corn. Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Ingredients List:  Makes 8 servings.

  • 4 cobs of corn cut in half
  • 3 limes
  • A healthy amount of pepper

*Click on the picture for a step by step explanation of how to make Lime & Black Peppers BBQ Corn:

Along with the corn. I served 3 different types of Cheese that I got while I was in The County. I am totally in love with Fifth Town’s Petal Luna Hard Goat Cheese. It is incredible!

Anyway, I hope you get to jump in a lake, a pool, in a sprinkler…something to beat the heat.

Eat well

Be Happy

Laugh loudly

xo Lisa


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3 responses to “Lime and Black Pepper BBQ’ed Corn”

  1. Grace says :

    This was SOOO delicious. Making it tonight!! Where is the part about your guest watering your plants with the lime juice? LOL!!

  2. Correen says :

    Mmm! ’tis the season for corn and I really like your simple, yet tasty idea!

  3. Wayne says :

    i loved it too…also gonna make it!

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