My love affair with Sriracha

I often use sriracha in my cooking and i have to confess it goes on as a condiment for nearly everything. I first discovered this delicious and spicy ketchup like sauce (don’t let the look of it deceive you!) about 8 years ago. I can’t remember the why or the how but I do know that’s about the time I started getting a lot more adventurous with my meals.

Anyway this afternoon, I was sitting at a restaurant in China Town when I started to think about all the things that you can do and make with sriracha. My secret combo is an olive oil, maple syrup, lemon juice and sriracha mix; Incredible as a marinade or even a salad dressing.

Here’s my challenge: Send me your favorite ways to use sriracha and i will post them on this site and use them in my own foodventures! I cannot wait to discover some new ideas with my cannot live without condiment.

xo Lisa




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One response to “My love affair with Sriracha”

  1. Jennifer says :

    I love mixing it with an asian peanut sauce for a spicy, peanutty noodle dish. Yum!

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