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Foodie Penpals-Reveal Day!

I was surfing the internet and came across this website. I was so intrigued with the idea that I immediately signed up. April was my first month as a participant and it was really exciting. I sent a box to Hornepayne Ontario and although it was from a different person I also received one from Hornepayne which was a cool coincidence. My box arrived a couple of days after the 15th (which is send out day) and was filled with some delicious goodies! I still have some goodies left to try but I am still dreaming about Milk Chocolate with Toffee and Sea Salt which i devoured in like 3 minutes! I also really enjoyed the 5 seed crackers! Many thanks to Laurie for the kick ass box and to Lindsay at Foodie PenPals for making it happen! (Click here to visit Foodie Pen Pals Sign up page)

Foodie Penpal box from Hornepayne Ontario

Foodie Penpal box from Hornepayne Ontario


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xo Lisa